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Hari 16: Missing You


Today’s topic is my least favorite. Because, writing about my feeling is hard and tiring. That’s why I dislike it. But I’m not going to ignore today’s topic.

Okay, here we go.

Something that I miss is my home. My family. My dad and my mum. My siblings.

Should I tell more? I think no. I think I can’t. It’s not easy to tell a whole world about my feeling. It’s hard to convey my feeling with words.

So, let it just end here.

I miss my whole family. Especially my dad.



Seorang gadis pecinta Venezia dan es krim cokelat. Paling senang menambah tumpukan buku, menimbun benang rajutan, dan menatap langit-langit kamar. Sejak kecil bercita-cita menjadi penulis fantasi, yang sayangnya belum kesampaian.

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