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Hari 18: Thirty


Here is my list, thirty facts about myself. I’m trying to write something uncommon about myself.

  1. I love red. All shade of red. Pink, rose, dusty pink, maroon, etc. But people tend to think I don’t like it. Dunno why.
  2. I avoid clothes in bright colour.
  3. I’m not really girlie. I love crocheting and knitting, but it doesn’t define myself.
  4. I don’t really enjoy music. A lot of music tend to make me tired.
  5. I’m collecting buttons. The cute one.
  6. I just lost my sewing kit. 😦
  7. I love going to bookstore alone.
  8. I’ll buy Agatha Christie books if it cost only 10k each book.
  9. I don’t have confidence with my singing skill.
  10. I get sick of fish easily. I love fish and seafood, but sometimes I get sick of fish. 😦
  11. I use bookmark when reading just recently. When I start reading in high school, I never use bookmark. I’ll just remember the last page. The power of youth.
  12. I have a lot of colourful socks.
  13. I always enjoy watching Hikaru no Go. I forgot to add this anime on the list of favorite movies.
  14. I love drinking milk. All kind of milk.
  15. I dislike coffee’s taste, but I love its smell.
  16. I used to ask my mother for “sayur bening” and chicken soup recipes. XD
  17. I’m actually quite fat. Not  really overweight but kinda fat for my height. You just don’t aware of it. Ahaha.
  18. I want to go hiking, but I can’t. My father didn’t allow me.
  19. I’m the first daughter in family.
  20. (Its getting hard T.T) I get bored easily with my blog or social media theme.
  21. I love seeing knitting detail in picture.
  22. I’ll never have pet.
  23. I never have doll when I was a kid.
  24. I don’t mind eating alone.
  25. I’m a procrastinator. 😦
  26. I haven’t go to picnic lately. I miss nature huhu.
  27. I love trying some new kind of food.
  28. I can’t swim very well. And I’m kinda afraid of drowning.
  29. I get bored easily with game, except I Love Pasta.
  30. My handwriting is really suck. LOL.

Yeah. Comolete it. Almost 12 lol. X’D



Seorang gadis pecinta Venezia dan es krim cokelat. Paling senang menambah tumpukan buku, menimbun benang rajutan, dan menatap langit-langit kamar. Sejak kecil bercita-cita menjadi penulis fantasi, yang sayangnya belum kesampaian.

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