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Hari 28: Laugh Out Load

Yesterday I was busy, so I have no time to write. Actually, I do have time, but I have no motivation to brag. Especially when I’m in this kind of life. :’D

Thankfully, today’s topic is quite easy. I just have to list five things that make me laugh. So here we go.

1. Moana, the newest film from Disney


IT’S SUCH A BEAUTIFUL ANIMATION WITH BEATIFUL SONG AND BEAUTIFUL STORY!  You have to watch this one. It’s worth every penny! Will write a short review about it later.

2. Heihei, a chicken from Moana.


Heihei is just too hilarious! If you watch the trailer, you’ll find a little bit of its character. But, of course, you’ll find out more from the movie. Once more, I’ll tell you that this movie worth all of ypu gold!

3. A friend from GGS II

GGS II is a group where I often play werewolf online. So, just recently (this night, I mean) we played like usual. But, this friend was a newbie, so she made the game more funny. Unfortunately, I lost. LOL.

4. A chat from my friend. LOL.

5. Joglosemar! Its group for member of BBI who lived in Joglosemar area. And this one group is always lively and makes me laugh. A lot. So happy joining with them. ❤

Well, done! See you tomorrow for more. :3



Seorang gadis pecinta Venezia dan es krim cokelat. Paling senang menambah tumpukan buku, menimbun benang rajutan, dan menatap langit-langit kamar. Sejak kecil bercita-cita menjadi penulis fantasi, yang sayangnya belum kesampaian.

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