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Hari 29: 30 Days in the Future

Two more days to go.

Well, for the next 30 days I hope I’m done with it. Or at least, almost done. It is tiring. I’m not used to study anymore. And I have a lot of more interesting things to do. It’s hard to concentrated and I always found myself doing another thing. I’m really dissapointed with myself. Sigh.

That’s why I hope in the next future, next 30 days, I will be more concern about it. It doesn’t mean right now I’m neglecting it. Yah, or maybe I did neglect it. A little bit. So, yeah I hope myself in the future will be more and more serious doing it.

I need a lot of spirit and vigor and power.

Do your best, myself! You are the only one who can help yourself!



Seorang gadis pecinta Venezia dan es krim cokelat. Paling senang menambah tumpukan buku, menimbun benang rajutan, dan menatap langit-langit kamar. Sejak kecil bercita-cita menjadi penulis fantasi, yang sayangnya belum kesampaian.

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